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"It's all on the Internet" I am often told - however finding it is difficult - it's not all in one place or on one page! If you have endless time you can do-it-yourself or I can suggest some sites to save you time.

I have been researching volunteering and job opportunities in international development and the developing world for over 15 years; I am still learning about new resources every week. Some of what I have learnt can be found here and at the World Service Enquiry web site.

Looking to Study?


A word of warning: Don't assume another degree is going to help and this might be something you want to explore in a career consultation. A degree is going to cost you thousands of pounds and is a major time commitment; is not going to make you a development worker - but I might help. The most complete listing of UK based International Development related courses, full- and part-time, can be found at the Development Studies Association, other international centres and distance learning on Reliefweb.


Specialist sites also include Distance Learning for Development, The Fritz Institute offers a distance learning certificate in Logistics that is designed to help bring new people into the profession. Development from the Inside is a unique training course for graduates who want to work in development.



International Development and Relief Jobs


These are probably the hardest to find on the internet. As a specialist you should know the key players and networks within your area of expertise. There is no one single site listing all the possible International development jobs and opportunities - there are hundreds of them and many are specialist sites. Some of the sector's key sites are listed on the job page.


Through a career consultation you can discover what sites are relevant to you and where your jobs and opportunity might be.


No-Nonsense Guides

Recommended reading for those new to the International Development sector. The New Internationalist produce a range of over 40 of No-Nonsense Guides on topical international issues. Easy to ready and great value. Click to see the full range.




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Many thanks again for all your help in getting me this far! MH
Just to say thanks again for all your help and for looking at the CV and covering letter. The help was much needed and is much appreciated! PO
Your advice was absolutely perfect. I feel I have come on leaps and bounds now, thanks to you. SSB

Thanks for yesterday. It was definitely an eye-opener. ZH

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